You carry gear when running
You must carry your gear during the run on both days. You are not allowed to leave your equipment in the forest.

Mandatory gear per participant

  • Waterproof jacket with taped seams
  • Waterproof shell pants
  • Inner top layer
  • Warm top layer (fleece or similar, e.g. Montane Prism Jacket)
  • Beanie / buff
  • Running shoes
  • Head lamp
  • Compass
  • Sleeping bag (minimum 400 g, in waterproof bag, not bivybag)
  • Sleeping mat minimum 100 cm x 40 cm, minimum 3 mm
  • Waterproof pen and paper (you must be able to use it when raining)
  • Backpack
  • Water container (minimum 0.75 litre / 25 fl oz)
  • Food for the complete race
  • Emergency blanket

Mandatory gear per team

  • Cooking gear (you must be able to boil 1 litre of water)
  • Tent (must be closed with a bottom, not a tarp etc.)
  • Cellphone
  • Emergency kit (minimum compress bandage and 50 cm sports tape)

Recommended gear

  • Warm clothes

Note about cellphones

You are more than welcome to bring one or two cellphones with camera and take some nice photos and videos. Please use the tag #kingsrun for social media.

However, you are under no circumstances allowed to use your cellphone to navigate or call for help.

Note about GPS

You are not allowed to bring GPS devices with background maps. You may only use GPS watches for tracking your run afterwards, you are not allowed to use GPS watches for navigation.