The Kings of North Sealand is a 2-day orienteering event in Denmark in a coastal forest, only one hour from Copenhagen. You run in pairs of 2 people and carry food and camping gear. The first day you finish at a primitive camp site in the forest and pitch your own tent. From there you start again the next day.

The run is a rogaining competition which is a navigation competition where you make your own decision on which controls to punch. You have a fixed time limit (2 or 3.5 hour each day). For most competitors it will not be possible to visit all the controls

You start from the charming summer village Tisvilde on the North Coast. Many people from Copenhagen head to Tisvilde in the summertime to enjoy the beach, the forest and relax. You will experience a beatiful coastal forest, passing along the coast and sand dunes along the way.

You will be challenged on navigation skills, endurance and teamwork.

The Kings of North Sealand
  • North Sealand, Denmark

  • Autumn 2021

  • Teams of 2 people

  • 2 days

  • Nightcamp

  • 2 or 3.5 hours per day

  • Carry your own camping gear

  • Map & compass